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Shades of Blue

I spotted this prompt from The Daily Post in my reader and knew I had to do this one right away…

The prompt was: We all feel down from time to time. How do you combat the blues? What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?


Last I head the statistic for people with mental health problems was 1:3. Which is a  LOT really isn’t it? I personally was diagnosed with depression about 13 years ago, and I want to share one important (to me) fact with you: I have NEVER been on any form of antidepressant.

Nope no medication for me. A doctor recommended it to me once, but I was adamant in my choice that I would find a better way of dealing with my issues, rather than using medication that has a sketchy record (at least with some). I’m not saying they don’t work, I’m not saying that many people don’t benefit from the use of these things, but personally I believed there were other options. So I went against medical opinion and did my own thing.

This isn’t going to be a post about WHY I’m depressed, because, aside from the fact you never get cured of it in my opinion (sometimes that beast rears it’s ugly head) I’m not feeling depressed, and haven’t for a very long time. Sometimes I feel down, or sad, or downright angry at occasionally, seemingly trivial things, but generally speaking I consider myself a fairly happy person!

So back to topic, how do I deal.

I’m gonna write a list!

I try to think of things in perspective. A word spoken, however hurtful is merely a word, amongst hundreds, thousands, millions even billions I will hear in my day, week, month or year… That was a bit Dr Seuss at the end there!

I write, and I draw, and I sing, and I dance in my living room when nobody is watching.

I think about things, sometimes overthink about things!

I laugh, I cry, I scream, I shout, I smile, I blush,I giggle like a teenager.

I quote terrible movies at all the wrong times. And love song lyrics from a variety of musicians.

I come home from work and have a glass of wine. Or a great big slice of cake!

I stretch. I breathe. I run.

I play with my cat.

I cook, and sometimes bake.

I relax.

I hug, I kiss, I hold, I f***.

I remember the past, and plan for the future.

I love. Or I forget. I have no room in my life for hate.


I’m going to finish by quoting what some may consider a fairly odd choice of person. There are a million or more amazing quotes that say pretty much the same thing, but hey, like or loathe him, and many will disagree with some of what he says, and that’s ok, we’re all free to find things offensive, and like or dislike our own things, but this is what popped into my head when I started writing this post:

Singer-pianist-comedian Tim Minchin says this in a part of beat-poem Storm:

…I am a tiny, insignificant, ignorant bit of carbon.
I have one life, and it is short
And unimportant
But thanks to recent scientific advances
I get to live twice as long as my great great great uncle-es and aunt-es.
Twice as long to live this life of mine
Twice as long to love this wife of mine
Twice as many years of friends and wine…

And things like this keep me going.

My one piece of advice to you: Live. You get one shot at this. One chance. Make it count.

Until next time





I believe…

The Daily Post today seems a good place to start.  And it’s a nice little introductory note really:

Check out the Daily Post HERE

Know in your heart.

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.


There is hope. – However hard life gets, you can’t give up.

People are getting more stupid. – Seriously, I see evidence of this every day. It makes me sad. But I have hope that this will change. I also hope this is sooner rather than later.

Life is HARD. – I find it hard to believe that I’m one of few people who left school and soon after had the thought ‘Why didn’t they teach me this, it’s far more useful that algebraic simultaneous equations or knowing how to say what colour various things are in foreign languages.’ Seriously a lesson on useful life skills once a week would have been good!


Being told your grades in school are important. -Seriously that became a lie when I hit about 18! It’s all down to experience!

You only fall in love once. – I just don’t think that’s true. Some people never fall in love. Some people fall in love more than once. It’s just random.

You can do anything you ever dreamed of. – As much as I’d love this to be true. It isn’t. I mean you can do most things, if you work for them. But not everything. I’ve always dreamed of being a writer for a living. And I do write! So I have achieved this. Though I do have to have a boring normal real job, to pay the bills. It’s all about the flipside. You have to be willing to compromise on your dreams.

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Until next time


A Beginning

I’ve thought long and hard about blogging. 

About whether it’s something that’s for me, or if it’s a bit excessive. But I wanted somewhere I could go to just spill everything onto a page. A place to be anonymous, but also to be myself. Both, in tandem.

Blogging’s always something that struck me as a bit hit or miss. There are the blogs that explain something, there are the blogs of the opinionated, there are those that wish to overshare, and those that seek to shock and create friction. And then of course there are the ‘hobby blogs’ as I am going to refer to them. And each has their place. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t want to be like that. I want to, I don’t know in some way go back to what blogging used to be. When it was a humble way to journal. I am simply choosing this to be public, because I like the idea that I have nothing to hide (well other than my identity, but that’s the joy of the internet isn’t it)!

What can you expect on here, if you have happened by? Something you may have seen many times in the land of blogs and journals I would imagine. The random witterings of someone you don’t know. Here I will ramble, and rant, reminisce and confess and joke, and generally jot down things that pop into my head. 

If you have a question, please ask away. I will do my best to answer anything you want to know. With a couple of obvious exceptions. 

Until next time.